Happiness Made Easy

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Av Micael Dahlen

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The Science-based Steps to Feel Just a Bit Better : a Little Book About a Big Question

What Makes Us Happy?

In his usual distinctive entertaining way, professor Micael Dahlen takes on one of the most important questions of them all. Here he summarizes the results both from his own research and that of other researchers and scientists into 13 (turns out it can be your lucky number) tips proven to help us feel just a little better about our lives.

Happiness Made Easy combine the most current science with historical perspectives and the story about how Micael Dahlen through his research happened to make the world’s happiest country a touch less happy.

MICAEL DAHLEN is an author and a professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. He s conducted lengthy research into why we do what we do, particularly regarding what brings about happiness.

A little book about a big question.